A Journey to London

During this winter holiday, I travelled to London with my friends. We visited several places of interest, including Buckingham Palace, national gallery and British Museum. In addition, we appreciated natural scenery, such as Hyde Park. So our itinerary arrangement is so tight that both of us felt tired. However, the whole journey is interesting and I gain much historical knowledge from this journey.

In the following parts, I’d like to share my own feelings and thoughts of this journey. I think British buildings are a sound combination of classical aesthetics and modern advancement. On the first sight, the external sections, such as wall is old. However, when you go into the building, you will be surprised about its upgraded devices which is convenient for people’s lives.

Compared with some metropolitan cities in China, there are rare high-rise buildings in London. I think this is a reflection of different understandings of lives conveyed by building design between Western and Eastern cultures. However, I prefer to British buildings because they retain traditional style traced back to history as well as providing convenience for modern lives.



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